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Re: [IP] Being a diabetic

>So when they see an overweight person with diabetes, the unquestioned
>ASSUMPTION is that the person is a Type 2, and caused their own diabetes
>through a combination of overeating and sloth.

The opposite is also true, if you're a thin Type 2, you're not  considered
"diabetic" and when you go splat, no one ever thinks to look for a medic
alert or even a pump. People have even said that the Dr's were wrong with my
diagnosis as I was a gangly 11 year old when I got Type II. One thing about
diabetes is that there are no stereotypes and I love teaching people that
Type II's come in all shapes and sizes and yes, even ages.

My pet peeve is that so many of the newer Type II children are blamed for
their disease even if they are actually genetically MODY, or simply got the

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