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[IP] RE: things I hate about being a diabetic...

Or how about the type 1s who were diagnosed as kids and are adults now.  I
get looks because I am now slightly overweight and am 23 years old.  People
tell me I should exercise more and I could "cure" myself.   Ugghhh.  We all
know we would if it was that easy. :)  When I try to explain to them the
situation, I have had some people tell me..."but you are not a kid."  My
sharp reply usually is something like, "Gee, sorry I grew up."  ;)
-- Sherry

Hi all -

I'm sure we've all dealt with weird %^$#&*^ questions, whether we have been
dx'd as Type 1, Type 2, or Type Weird.
I just thought that I too would add my two cents worth on this topic.  I'm
Type 1, never been 'overweight' - although I do struggle with 10 pound
fluctuations on a constant basis.  I have an aunt, Type 2, who is the most
petite and LITTLE thing I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (she is like a
mother to me - very sweet, humorous, and caring woman who I wish never had
to have been dx'd with the dreadful D).  She gets a constant barrage of 'Oh,
you must have been fat or something to get it' or 'I thought only the obese
got it' or 'You must have lost weight.'  Her reply is always the same - 'No,
this is how I've been my entire life, yes, big and little people can be dx'd
with it, and it's really none of your business if I ever was overweight or

My big pet peeve is when ignorant people say 'Oh, you have Type 2.' (My
guess is they think this because 'she is an adult, therefore she has Type 2;
' not considering 'she is an adult, and she was dx'd with Type 1 as a child,
and therefore is still dealing with Type 1'.)   NO, I don't have Type 2.
Next question - 'Well, your parents must have fed you too much candy when
you were little, so you had a lot of sugar racing around in your body and it
gave you diabetes.'  (First of all, GAVE me diabetes?  Makes it sound like
it was a gift!  'Alright!  I was given diabetes!  I am the luckiest kid on
the block! VBG).  I hate this because they think something my parents did
caused me to be dx'd with the disease, that it's all their fault, when it
quite obviously  - at least to us diabetics - wasn't.  I am always sure to
point out that we ate very balanced meals in our household, very little
candy and treats were ever hanging around.  It's easy for us to be angry
about, because we are on the receiving end of all of this dis-information,
but I always look at it as a chance to educate someone about it.  It's
surprising to see the looks of wonder you can get when you tell them it was
none of the above - it just happened, you test your sugars, and give
yourself insulin based on those readings.  That giving yourself 4 or 5
injections a day, or being on a pump, does not make you a 'bad' diabetic or
a 'non-compliant' diabetic.  ( I really detest the 'non-compliant' term.  If
I was non-compliant I'd be dead).  Hugs to everyone who's feeling a little
down - take it one day at a time.  Good luck especially to you Hope!

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