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[IP] Re: Laura/accucheckcomplete/insurance

I was interested to hear about your insurer doing what mine has, (probably) 
contracting with one company for meters/strips and covering only those.  In 
my case, they did stay with the one I was using anyway (Lifescan) but then 
told me that I had to choose ONE of the strips (even though they covered all 
three..Fast Take. SureStep and One Touch).  Obviously the OneTouch size is a 
bit bulky for many of our purses and I wanted the Fast Take in it, and the OT 
Profile at home and work.  Since it made absolutely no sense to me, I just 
had the Dr write out two scripts and fill whichever I need, just not at the 
same time.  However, I am interested in how your case comes out as I am 
wondering if these guys are going to change their contractors bases on the 
"low bid".  I know that my endo worked hard to keep Lifescan in there when 
the HMO wanted to go with a company that neither of us were as happy with.  
Keep us posted.
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