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Re: [IP] Being a diabetic

Liz Davis wrote:

> Maybe the thing to do is just give a cold stare and say something like,
> "Why, how could you believe such a ridiculous thing?  Didn't you learn
> anything in Medical/Nursing/Whatever school?"

But Liz, that's EXACTLY what they learn in Medical/Nursing/Whatever
school. Obesity causes diabetes.  Period.

So when they see an overweight person with diabetes, the unquestioned
ASSUMPTION is that the person is a Type 2, and caused their own diabetes
through a combination of overeating and sloth. 

The popular press reinforces this idea -- it's splatted around ALL the
time -- if you weren't so fat and lazy, you wouldn't have diabetes. And
you can PREVENT diabetes by getting out there and exercising and losing
weight. (Which has NOT been proven, by the way!) And if you didn't do
that, then you got what you deserved.

The FACT is that Type 2's are no more at fault for their disease than
Type 1's, BUT they have to deal with a whole lot more societal

I think ALL of us diabetics need to do a whole lot more self-advocacy
work -- there are too many people walking around with the wrong
impression of what diabetes REALLY is. And far too many socially and
professionally sanctioned myths about it. 

(My pet peeve: the myth that there is no such thing as a fat Type 1 OR a
thin Type 2)

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to Hope and I'm gonna keep up the good
fight for education! 

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