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[IP] Continuous Glucose Meter


Two weeks ago I underwent a trial with the MiniMed Continuous Glucose Meter
(CGM). The results really surprised me.

First, let me tell you about the procedure. You are attached by a wire,
through a Silhouette like device, with no Quick Release. You wear this
continuously for 72 hours, even to the point of having a baggie like pouch
around your neck when showering. Also it weighs about twice as much as my
507. You then wait one hour while it calibrates itself. You then take two
meter readings from the same finger stick site, average them, and then enter
them into the CGM. You also enter a minimum of four meter readings per day
into the CGM (average of two as above each morning) as well as when you eat,
bolus, exercise and other events. The results are readable only by a special
computer interface from MM.
They are printed out in graph format.

The results:
My Glucometer EliteXL and the CGM agreed perfectly about 60% of the time,
and only varied less than 10% the rest of the time.

When I bolused as I started to eat my BGs dropped rapidly (within a half
hour) to near hypo levels and my PP peaks were at three hours. It was very
consistent. I was wasting a lot of my bolus.

Now, after consultation with Peggy, my nurse practitioner, I bolus about 10
to 15 minutes after I eat. BGs have dropped about 15-20 points, and peaks
are much nearer to one hour. I have an A1c next month and we should see a
change from the 6.7 last time.

Any questions, fire away.

I am sending my 507c a Valentine this year.


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