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[IP] Young adults pumping-- Attn. Susan

<snip>She has a month to try it out and already she hates it.  I think
because she has to keep better tabs of her BG's.  As a younger person, do
you find the pump an intrusion into your social life?  I think Jaime feels
it may "cramp" her social life or be an embarrasment.  Can you give me a
little advice that I may pass on to her?  Thanks...concerned Mom, Susan <snip>

I am 21 years old, dx when I was 16.  I've been pumping since April 99.  I
will graduate in June from college (I just found out yesterday where my two
3 month clinicals will be... and reality is REALLY setting in now!).

Before May of 98, I was anti-pump.  I did NOT want to be dependent on some
machine.  I did NOT want to be attached to something 24-7.  And I
definately did *NOT* want to have to test my bg 4 times a day!!!  I didn't
mind shots.  I was doing just fine!  It took until November to change my
mind.  And I had slowly been working toward the pump for a long time.  In
97, my internist began to slowly have me check my bg more often.  Then
change me to more shots.  Then to a sliding scale.  Then convince me that
seeing an endo is not necessarily a bad thing (which she had been trying
for a long time, it just worked at this point).  Just about the first thing
my endo did was try to convince me to pump.  It was several friends who
encouraged me and my job that eventually gave me the final push.  I haven't
regreded my decision since I was convinced.

I do not find the pump as intrusion on my life.  As I was saying to someone
last night, my pump is almost a security blanket for me.  I do
occassionally get weird comments about "my pager with a funny anntenna".  I
rarely take anything seriously like that.  My friends and I have found
ourselves in tears from laughter after some of the more bizarre comments
(such as "So does it give you better reception?" after I've explained it is
an insulin pump and goes into me).  I almost always were my pump on my
right side on my waistband.  I wear a lot of sweaters and shirts that you
do not need to tuck in, so many times it is not visible.  Dresses present a
little of a challenge, but I don't wear them often, and my pump is quite
happy in my bra, it is just not that accessible.  Testing my blood sugar
was definate a pain in the neck when I first started doing it more (but
that was prepump).  I'm very glad that I'm open about it and do it
anywhere, otherwise I would really hate it, trying to make sure I'm not
seen and figuring out good places to do it.

I don't know if this answered any of your questions, but there are quite of
few of us in the early 20's age group.  Just ask!


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