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Re: [IP] And now the continuing saga...

<snip> Her father was leaving her in the care of a 12 year old step sister
while he went to work.  I agreed with his concern at the time. <snip>

I agree that leaving a child with diabetes in the care of ANYONE else can
be dangerous if the other person does not know what they are doing.   As a
12 year old, I never baby-sat a child with diabetes, but I did baby-sit a
child that had a siezure disorder.  Before I was left, I was taught
everything to do when (it wasn't really a question of "if") a siezure
happened (including an injection of something I don't remember... I just
knew how to do it and the circumstances in which I was to give it in).
***If*** the 12 year old is mature and responsible enough, and has been
taught how to do basics of care for Caitlyn, I can not understand why this
would be an issue either.  Even if the 12 year old wasn't going to be left
alone with her, I would personally want her to have a clue anyhow.  Many
times I have seen where kids have "picked up" on other kids having problems
way before the adults in charge.  I don't have kids, but what I have seen,
I would rather leave a child with a medical problem under the care of
another child who is aware and is concerned and has some knowledge than
some of the idiot adults I know who think they know everything and will not
ask for help (but will give insulin for low blood sugar).

Just my thoughts.

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