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[IP] Shane's A1C!!

Warning-this post might get long, I am so excited!
We got the results of Shane's A1C, his first since pumping: 7.1!!! Last
pre-pump: 8.2. One year ago: 9.3. He says the 7.1 is the lowest he has
ever had in 26 years. I thought this one might be higher because the
hypos are gone, but we are still getting a few more highs than we'd
like. The CDE suggested a couple of changes to the basal rates last week
and now the numbers are looking even better. She is sure that he will be
under 7.0 next time. We even have pizza just about figured out. The
other night, pizza at 8pm. BGs: 10pm 129, 3am 129, 9am 118. The best
part for me is that Shane acts and feels so much better, and no more 3am
hypos. The best part for him is that it is easier than shots. He finally
knows that if a reading is off, he can DO something about it. On shots,
nothing worked the way it was supposed to, and trying to hit the 80-120
range was impossible. It was so discouraging because we tried so hard.
For him, the pump is far less effort with far better results. The other
day he got REALLY busy at work, ended up skipping lunch and not even
doing BG tests. At 5pm BG=94! Try that on shots!!! YAY PUMP!!!!
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