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Subject: [IP] pumping and skiing

Hi Ruth,
I am totally jealous, and think what I should do is come skiing with you to
make sure you get thngs right with the pump <VBG>.  When Jenna went skiing
(in the mountains of NC, not Tahoe), she wore a waist it from Unique
Accessories on top of her long underwear (so it didn't scratch or itch, two
big concerns of Jenna's), and under her bibs.  We made sure the tubing was
tucked into the layer between long underwear and stretch pants, and didn't
have a bit of problem with freezing insulin despite the fact that it was 17
degrees the last time we went.  We never did conquer the meter problem.
Quite honestly, we left the meter in a locker in the lodge, loaded up the
pockets of the bibs and jacket with the glucogel stuff (every one of us,
including her buddy, had at least one tube of glucogel in their pocket), and
granola bars.  When she started feeling a little low, she just ate the
granola bars, and it worked out fine.   When she went into the snack bar, it
wasn't hard to reach  her pump under her bibs to bolus.

Have a great time!

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