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Re: [IP] Eye trouble

>  But even though it has been less than a
> week, she already has negative thoughts about the pump.  Part of the
> reason I think is because she is being forced to check her BG's more
> often and it's pretty hard to run away from your diabetes with a
> pump attached to your belly!  She is concerned about her social
> life, she is single and lives alone.  Says she feels like a freak. 
> is there anything you can say to me (or her) that would encourage
> her to continue with the pump. 

I think this may be a case of the difference between a half full and 
half empty glass. She shouldn't be "forced" to check her bg's. Most 
pumpers check more often because it gives them additional freedom 
when they do so. i.e. it puts them in control of the process instead 
of a slave to it. Your daughter should rather quickly learn the 
freedoms that a pump provides to her. No snacks, free meal and sleep 
schedule, few food restrictions, etc.... basically spontaniety will 
return to her life.  

Suggested reading - by a 15 year old


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