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[IP] new continuous meter advertized


FreeStyleTM is designed to use an amazingly small 0.3ÁL blood sample. That's
not a mistake, it really is 0.3 microliters - or 300 nanoliters. (In case
you're not familiar with nanoliters, 1,000 nanoliters equals 1 microliter.)
Because our system is designed to use a 300 nanoliter blood sample,
alternative sites such as the forearm or thigh can be used to extract a blood

While alternative test sites have fewer capillaries, they also have fewer
nerve endings, theoretically making testing less painful.

FreeStyle is designed:

  To be easy to use:
    Insertion of the test strip automatically turns on meter.
    Capillary action test strips quickly wick blood sample.
    Audible beep signals user when test strip is full.
    To eliminate virtually all the pain of testing.
    With patented technology to potentially reduce the effects of interfering

Our Continuous Monitoring Device is designed to be minimally invasive. A
miniaturized subcutaneous sensor is designed to be easily inserted by the user
to continuously monitor glucose levels and store the results for future

It's designed to accurately and discreetly measure glucose levels without the
frequent pain and hassle of traditional finger stick testing.

And with the telemetry to a pager-like unit, there are no wires connecting the
sensor to the monitor.

Our Continuous Monitoring Device is designed to:

  Quickly insert a very small sensor just under the skin with little, if any,
  Provide a hypo/hyperglycemia alarm that automatically alerts the user.
  Be biocompatible.
  Have a disposable sensor that lasts for several days.
  Be easily calibrated to provide continuously accurate readings.

TheraSense, Inc.
 1360 South Loop Road
 Alameda, CA 94502

Phone:    (510) 749-5400
Fax:      (510) 749-5401

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