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Re: [IP] eye problem

In a message dated 2/10/00 6:44:09 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>for the past year or so my eyes, especially my left one, have gotten dry
>and very "tired" by around 6 at night.  i squint constantly and computers,
>and driving are very difficult...driving at any point of the day hurts
>eyes actually. i have been to the eye doc. twice during this time frame
>go twice a year now...) and he says nothing is wrong with my eyes. he did
>do a "dry eye" test and said my eyes are slightly dry and gave me some
>drops. i use the drops religiously twice a day and it's getting
>worse....i'm not sure what is going on but does this sound familiar to


Particularly since you just recently started pumping, I think you should get 
your eyes tested more frequently for awhile, since improvements in control 
can bring on retinopathy problems initially (though in the long run things 
will be better).  Almost 20 years ago when my retinopathy went proliferative, 
I was having focussing problems and eye strain for several months before the 
doctors could see any damage (and I did see a second retinal specialist, as 
well as 2 endos).  This was not long after improving my blood sugars with the 
advent of home blood glucose monitoring.  I think by current standards, 
pan-retinal laser would have been done earlier, and I would have had less 
permanent damage.  There are lots of causes for dry eyes, but eye strain can 
make it worse (blink, blink, blink) 

Linda Z
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