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Re: [IP] bedtime snacks

At 09:01 PM 2/9/00 -0800, you wrote:

>  If anyone eats a snack before bed if you
>  are low  do you bolus or not?

Jeff, if I am low I do not bolus. Instead I calculate the carbohydrate load 
I need for that low BG. I have not seen it mentioned before on the list and 
it involves my carb factor and insulin sensitivity factor. At bedtime last 
night my BG was 41 and to figure a snack I treated it similar to a high 
reading, (BG - Base-line)/sensitivity factor or (41 - 120)/28 = -2.82. This 
shows I need a negative dose of approx. 3 units of insulin. Now changing 
the formula for carb intake: carb / carb factor = insulin dose to insulin 
dose x carb factor = carb required. Last night I needed a snack that had a 
carb content of 3 x 12 = 36 carb to take care of my reaction. This keeps my 
BG from blasting off and bolusing to bring it back down again. Now for the 
disclaimer, this works for me and might not work so well for anyone else. 
Also the sensitivity and carb factors are the ones required for me and 
might not work for you. If anyone decides to try this, I hope it works or 
can be tweaked so it does work for them.


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