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[IP] IP] velosulin in pump/sara

Sara wrote
> >I use Regular Velosulin rather than H, aka "rocket fuel" because 
>> it is MUCH more predictable, stable and user friendly...

and Ruth asked
>  but sara, don't you have to wait to eat?

no.  I will start to drop in under 15 minutes after a bolus of velosulin.  If 
my bg is under 180 before lunch, I take it and go eat...granted, I have to 
put on my coat, walk down the hall to the elevator, wait for it, walk down to 
the post box to put in some mail, walk around the corner to the ATM cuz I 
never have money, walk around the next corner to which ever deli/wendys/au 
bon pain i plan to eat at, wait in the interminable line there, due to STUPID 
people, then walk back to the office, wait for the elevator again, take off 
my coat, handle whatever crisis happened while I was gone and then eat...this 
can sometimes take up to 25 minutes...so yeah I guess  I do wait...HOWEVER, 
if my bg is sub 150 before i go on my lunch forage, i DON'T bolus before I 
leave...cuz I will be below 100 in 1/2 an hour...and then I wont be able to 
handle that crisis when I get back!

who is in Chicago right now with some gross stomach thing that is keeping her 
in the bathroom, and above 200 no matter what...maybe they didn't take my 
appendix out when I was here two years ago????
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