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Re: [IP] pumping and skiing


What I do for skiing is to wear a turtleneck, then a waist it with the pump, 
then a corduroy long sleeved shirt tucked down into my ski pants.  That way 
all tubing is kept covered/insulated, and the velcro on the waist it doesn't 
irritate my skin, and the whole pump and tubing is kept close enough to my 
body that it stays warm enough to keep from freezing.  I keep my fast take in 
an inside pocket of my ski coat with a hand warmer to keep it warm enough to 
still work, although so far if it's frigid (below 10 degrees, I find I have 
to resort to the One touch profile that I keep in the lodge.

I like to use the fast take because it's smaller, and if I fall on top of it, 
less chance of cracking a rib than if I try to carry the One Touch Profile .  
So far, I've only skied the local resorts since pumping, so I'm close enough 
to the lodge that I haven't felt the need to carry sets/insulin etc on my 
person, I haven't figured out what I will do when I go out west yet...

Have fun, and ski one for me!

aka Mouse  
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