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Re: [IP] bedtime snacks p.s. from ruth

>  If anyone eats a snack before bed if you
>  are low  do you bolus or not?


geneva was just 93 at bedtime...(we had set a temp basal for a cheeseburger
that was obviously too much)....she had a 1/2 cup milk, which raises her
about 35 points and a small piece of taffy.  is now 178.  we
bolused/corrected to 140.

to answer your question.  if she is low...we treat with small amounts of
fast carbs and do NOT bolus.  then test later to see where she is.  correct
if necessary.

it is really helpful if your middle of night until wakeup basals are on
you can test middle of night and then sleep until a. m. without worrying.

I know, I know....there are some folks out there with dawn phenomenon.
well...geneva has the 'dusk' phen.  and so after 2 am we are OK!


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