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Re: [IP] bedtime snacks

> My Dr and I are trying out a new basal at night for me because I keep
> 2am lows.


this is trying time period for geneva as well.

what we have discovered is this.   if geneva eats a high fat dinner...or
grazes after dinner as well,  her bedtime levels are very high.  we have to
be careful as to what we bolus because she too will crash by 2 am.  we have
gotten her 2 am until wakeup basals set so that if we test at 2 am...and
bolus to 140-150...she wakes up within about 20 points of that target.

our key here is this.  we correct at bedtime (9-10 pm) to about 140-150.
test again at 2 am and correct again if necessary to 140-150.  then she is
set until wakeup.  once you get the 2 am until wakeup basals under
control...you can always correct in middle of night if you had a high
fat/high snack evening.  if geneva doesn't eat after dinner...she is usually
ok at bedtime and we leave things be.  we leave things be if she is under

this is a tough time...dinner until bedtime.  we are constantly messing with
basals and carb ratios.  this is the ONLY thing that I don't like about

 mom to almost 11 yr. old geneva

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