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Re: [IP] Blood-y Body parts

On 9 Feb 00, at 17:40, jan hughey wrote:

> My comment about DM affecting only where we have blood in the body was
> because if I take a pin, a fall, a piece of glass, etc. to my body I
> quickly discover blood - everywhere. Okay, the lens doesn't have blood -
> nor do teeth, nor hair, nor nails. BUT their source is fed by blood at
> some point, therefore, DM also affects those parts. Especially after a
> decade or five. ;-) George -- would you care to elaborate on your
> comment?? Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

I was being only semi-facetious!  My meaning was that there are 
areas of the body where diabetics tend to suffer impeded blood 
flow, the feet, legs, hands, the extremities. Thus we may suffer the 
ravages of gangrene where there is not enough blood!  I usually do 
not bleed from injuries to my feet and bleed very little from injuries 
to my legs.  Thank goodness I'm still able to wring a drop out of my 
fingers.    ;>)

George Lovelace < email @ redacted >
Born 8/21/48, Dxed 6/14/64, "Reborn" 8/13/98
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