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Re: [IP] Too young - too skinny :-(

Jan wrote about another family:

<< "I think we have decided (our child) isn't ready for the pump...
(Our child) is super skinny and has no stomach fat. The dr. said (our child)
has to be able
to give injections in the stomach before we think about the pump as an
option. Plus he said if we wait it won't be long before they come out with
insulin inhalers." >>

Probably, at this point, they don't want to be persuaded, but FWIW....

I don't have any stomach fat either! I use Silhouette infusion sets for
that reason. I've been pumping for over three years.  I also use my
backside (where I DO have some fat).  If I wanted a pump for my child, I
wouldn't let skinniness stop me.

As for the inhaled insulin... I don't think it has the fine-tuning dosage
advantage that the pump offers. Especially for a child.

My .02 worth, 
Mary Jean 

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