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Re: [IP] RE; lens, vitreous, and glucose

> An additional 5 cents worth...
> There IS a transport problem with glucose in this area...it takes longer
> clear, and sometimes doesn't clear very well from the lens. It can clear
> the vitreous, but may take about 6 to 8 weeks AFTER the glucose level
> to normal. The vitreous is a jelly-like fluid that doesn't like to give up
> whatever gets in it.
> Barbara B.

  I am very farsighted in my left eye, a little in my right eye - and
depending on how my sugars are, sometimes I can't wear my glasses because it
makes no difference!  :(   Eye doc told me he'd see me only if I could try
and get my sugars halfways stabilized for at least a month before I saw
him - which I did.  That's when we got the glasses.  He said that if sugars
are uncontrolled, lots of highs, that it can and most probably WILL
temporarily affect your vision for anywhere from a week to a month
afterwards until the glucose can move out.  I have found this to be very
true for me.
Dawn  (who is wearing her glasses right now) ;)

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