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[IP] RE; lens, vitreous, and glucose

An additional 5 cents worth...
There IS a transport problem with glucose in this area...it takes longer to 
clear, and sometimes doesn't clear very well from the lens. It can clear from 
the vitreous, but may take about 6 to 8 weeks AFTER the glucose level returns 
to normal. The vitreous is a jelly-like fluid that doesn't like to give up 
whatever gets in it.
Barbara B.

<<As for lens...  It is a fluid based gel, but I don't know if it does have 
problems transporting glucose through the lens membranes.  But, from what 
I've read, cataracts tend to be caused by excessive aldose reductase acting 
on the glucose, causing an excessive accumulation of sorbitol in the lens, 
etc (the polyol pathway).  Overtime this imbalance ends up 
forming cataracts.  Galactose (another type of sugar) also is implicated>>
in cataract formation through this wayward aldose reductase problem.
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