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[IP] High bg's and time...and insurance!

Yesterday I was a 445 at ten in the morning....gave myself a 6 unit shot o'
H (about 1 unit per every 45-50 points over target - for me that is anything
over 150).  Waited. Waited.  Waited some more.  At noon I tested and was a
319.  An hour later, at 1:00, it was a 44.  Sometimes for me it depends on
what type of 'trend' may be going on - I think my sugars were still rising
after I gave my H, and then they started to fall, slowly, and then like was
mentioned in an earlier post, BAM!   Low.

I'm hoping that when I get my pump this will be a little easier to 'deal'
with.  I found out from Disetronic that my insurance carrier would only
cover 75% of the cost of the pump because Disetronic itself is 'out of
network' - doesn't matter if I am seeing a preferred provider or not, but
Disetronic is working with us on a further discount so we would end up with
about the same co-payment we would have gotten had our insurance provider
decided Disetronic was 'in network.'  Thank you so much, Disetronic!  We
love you.  Now I'm just waiting for the final authorization....pumping here
I come!!!


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