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Re: [IP] tubing danger attn parents of little ones!!!!

While this was addressed for "little ones" I have found myself on several
occassions with my tubing wrapped around my neck when I wake up.  Being 21
years old, I'm not exactly a little one.  I do use the long tubing.  This
first time this happened was the night before one of my first "pump"
appointments and I mentioned it because it concerned me waking up with it
around my neck (I think it started in a waist it... but I often disgarb
myself while sleeping).  My CDE really didn't think much of it.  I haven't
been particularly concerned about it either, it is uncomfortable with
something around your neck.  I sometimes sleep with it attached to my
shorts, sometimes it just floats around (gave up on the waist-it, most
nights I would take it out in my sleep).  I've found that no matter where I
have it attached for sleeping, if I'm upset/nervous/stressed for any reason
(and sometimes for no reason), I will wrap the tubing around my wrist.
Since I was very little, I've always had to do something with my hands if I
was nervous/upset (even while sleeping).  Since starting to pump, I've
found the "fiddle" of choice is my tubing (before that rings, necklaces,
and bracelets would do the trick).  Now that I find it wrapped around my
wrist/arm in the mornings more regularly, I haven't found it around my
neck.  Before then I considered making the tubing shorter by using a Velcro
thingy, but I know I often "look" and play with my tubing in my sleep, so I
doubt it would stay.  Knowing my pump is there is a very comforting thing
now... LOL I have a REALLY valuable security blanket!

Just my $.02

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