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Re: [IP] strange phenomenon

To a point, we are indeed very different, but there are some things which
are important to pumpers.  No pumper or prospective pumper should be
worried about batteries failing because of personal magnetism, sweaty skin,
or some other mysticism.   We often get different times out of our
batteries, as has been long discussed on many threads here, but there are
several very good logical reasons why this occurs.
p.s.  And I do have lots of experience with battery powered watches that
fail.  I was trying to take this lightly anyway.  Roswell here I come

<The bottom line, however, is that we are all different and that our
<knowledge of many things is incomplete. If this phenomenon occurs to her
<regularly then there is obviously something that may be going on here that
<we may not understand, yet. Let always give the benefit of the doubt to
<everyone that posts here.

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