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Re: [IP] And now the continuing saga...

At 7:19 PM -0800 2/8/00, CARRIE VARGAS wrote:

>(he is a Kaiser Doc), and he told me that they were not willing to take
>her on.  When I asked why not, he told me it was because there was a
>"split home" involved.  Caitlyn goes to her Dad from Tuesday 1pm until
>Wednesday 8:30 am.  He is with her for that entire time period, and IS
>VERY READY AND WILLING to undergo pump training.
>	Here is my question:  Should this be relevent?  And does anyone

Hi Carrie,

Do they think that a child--DM or not--is never left in the care of one
parent alone at one time or another in a one-home family? I just cannot see
that this is relevant. And it sounds like a great way to deny pumps to more
than half the juvenile population.

Maybe you should tell them that yes, you're divorced, but you've now moved
back in together because of their assinine policy. What are they going to
do? A home visit? This kind of thing makes me so angry.

Good luck with all this!


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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