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[IP] RE: sil insertion...

Because you haven't had an answer yet and because Sils are MiniMed's name
for what Disetronic calls a Tender. I'm going to take a stab at this. First
off, there is a little folded up piece of instructions in you box of Sils, I

But second of all, here's how I do it.. a whole one minute 2 second
procedure. Wipe off the  piece of skin your going to stick it into with a
swab (I use IV prep) and wait a minute for it to dry.
   Hold the set between your thumb and middle finger, With your index finger
hold the front tab back, rolled away from the needle. With your free hand,
pull off the adhesive cover. Now remove the plastic cover from the canula
(it's stiffened with that little metal filament), Now hold the needle to
your skin at a 10 to 30 degree angle. (Need help with the angle? remember
straight up and down ins 90 degrees; half way from that to flat is 45
degrees, so go less....There! you're in the ball park.
   Now, push it in with confidence, not tentatively (tentative hurts, at
least mentally). Now release your index finger from holding up the front
flap. Smooth that flap. Pinch the plastic thingy you're holding between your
thumb and middle finger and pull out the metal filament that had stiffened
that canula. Now, peel off the paper from the back piece of adhesive and
press it down. Plug in your tubing and bolus 1 unit to prime your canula.
You're done.

Hope this helps,

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