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[IP] IP website on TV

My interview was broadcast on the late local news last night. Fortunately,
it turned out better than I thought it would. But why didn't someone tell
me I needed to push up my glasses????  (The light they brought in was quite
hot -- I must have been sweaty and my glasses migrated down my nose.) They
edited out all the parts where I was sitting there with a blank expression
on my face, and they actually made me look somewhat intelligent. Mostly,
they included  the part about my results with the CGMS, but they did show
my pump and a close-up of my Silhouette, without explaining what it was.
We also talked about the possibility of someday having the sensor and the
pump hooked together.

I had told the reporter that the results from my trial are on the IP
website, and I gave him the URL. One of the first things they showed was
the IP homepage with the ol' insulin derrick churning away! They mentioned
that I had put my results on a webpage. However, they didn't display the
URL on the screen.  Too bad, but it still may generate some interest. We're
the only "Renstrom" in the phone book here right now, so if people want
more info, they shouldn't have a hard time finding me.

Off to sign autographs now... <vbg>

Mary Jean

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