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Re: [IP] pumping velosulin only

I use velosulin -only but I cannot keep my sites in longer than 2 days but
that is because I have to be careful about not gettting any infections
because I am immunocompromised.
I suspect 4 days may be too long for a site. Can you try and change it
every 2 days to see if that makes a difference?
email @ redacted

At 06:07 AM 02/09/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>I first sent this from a different e-mail address and
>it didn't appear on the list, my apologies if it shows
>up twice. 
>I recently switched the insulin in my daughters pump,
>again, to Velosulin only.  She is twelve and I am
>trying to get four days out of a site change.  We get
>2 days with Humalog, about 3 with an H/V mix and have
>gotten 5 days when we first made the switch to V only.
> I expected to deal with differences in activity but
>we are seeing some really large swings in bg.  There
>is a lot going on in the mornings with a dawn effect
>that seems only to kick in when she eats something
>(even if that happens at 4:30 AM following a night
>time check) and the slower availability of a regular
>type insulin.  Increasing her temporary basal doesn't
>seem to help so we have tried giving a starting bolus
>when she first wakes up.  This morning she gave
>herself 9 U to handle being 260 when she woke up and
>breakfast, 2 hours later she was 400.  We are two days
>out on the site and there is no reason to suspect that
>the insulin is dead.  If anyone else is using V only
>or has been through this before I would really
>appreciate hearing from you.
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