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[IP] Hot tubs

Here's a post from a CDE/Pump trainer/Train the trainer about Hot Tubs:

PHYSIOLOGY: When our bodies are exposed to temperatures greater than our
core temperature (average is 98.6*) what happens to our circulatory
system: Heart rate increases. Technically we're supposed to sweat to cool
us down, instead we achieve extreme vasodilation, increase circulating
blood volume because it speeds up, hence faster absorption of insulin and
BGs drop!  Hypertensives are at risk as well because of stress on the
cardiovascular system at extreme temperatures.

Those of us who are prone to infections or who have peripheral neuropathy-
with decreased sensation must be careful because of risk of pulmonary
etc. So common sense should prevail. Warm enough for a baby's bottom is a
good rule of thumb. We have to be careful of scalding because we don't feel
true temperature; a warm tub instead of hot tub sounds like a safer
idea -- very good for the constitution

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