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[IP] questions, bad sites, yipes

I think I am having a rough time, yesterday my sugars were perfect but this
afternoon, my site started getting sore and by dinner, it was simply not
working at all. I took it out and gushed blood, it's still sore. I replaced
my set and rebolused to not avail so I took the new set out and blood came
out (I am using rapid set 6 or 10 mm) so I had to move it and blous into the
air to check it and moved it on my hip. My pumps workign better than I am
right now and I have ketones. Is sites going bad normal? Could this be
connected to my metal allergy? I thought steel was hypoallergenic.
Everywhere I insert a set, it bleeds or gets sore. I may try a softset
tomorrow (my scheduled first set-change), once I get my sugar down and
ketones gone.I feel like crud.  Pumping is great when it works for me:)


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                  \`@_@'/  ))
Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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