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Re: [IP]continuing saga/split homes

he told me that they were not willing to take
>her on.  When I asked why not, he told me it was because there was a
>"split home" involved.

   Hi, wow, to me this sounds completely ridiculous, especially if the 
father is perfectly willing to learn all about pumping! This is more than 
can be said for some parents in a single home! Alot of times, even when the 
parents are still together, it is one parent that takes responsibility for 
the diabetes while the other does much less. If the endo is going to use 
that excuse . . .then is he/she going to deny pumps to every family where 
both parents don't take equal responsibility? after all, in an "un-split" 
home, the knowledgeable parent might have to leave the child with D home 
with the other parent . . .etc. etc . . . I'm sorry, I know this is a bad 
analogy and it's late at night so my thought process is not exactly at its 
prime, but I  really think this shouldn't be an issue, especially with so 
many kids in this situation.  I realize that it might be different for me 
since I'm almost 18 and deal with my pump and all that goes with it on my 
own, but I travel between my mom/stepdad's and my dad/stepmom's house all 
the time with no trouble.  No one ever asked about my family situation, even 
when I was in pediatrics and they were being extremely overly cautious.  It 
seems really unfair to deny better treatment to a kid because of a situation 
that isn't controllable.  Ok .. .off the venting soapbox. I really hope that 
this doesn't keep you from getting that pump!!! very best of luck, Gianna
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