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[IP] florida travel advice

>going on a trip
> to Florida to visit Mickey and Friends in Orlando in a few weeks

>Any tips anyone
> can offer?

gee..thanks for YOUR tip about halving basals while doing the park thing.
geneva has a scout trip planned in june at disneyland...so I was wondering
the same thing.

as far as your trip.  if you are worried about splash mountain...put the
pump in a ziplock baggy and just zip it up as far as you can.  put in pocket
and it should fare fine.  there have been numerous posts about pumps having
fallen in bathtubs  (MM)  and there was no problem.  as long as it is not
submerged for too long.  MM is  tougher than you think.  rain and snow don't
really bother it...so I don't think the rides at disneyworld will bother it

don't forget extra batteries.

maybe an insulated lunch box to put pump in while swimming at hotel... in
case it is hot/sunny and no shade.

speaking of hot...if using sof-sets you may want to have extra tape.  go
back and search in archives on IP website about tape and heat and such.
lots of info about keeping the tape from coming undone if sweating.  (this
is a major issue for alot of pumpers)

that's all that I can think of now.  maybe more later.

geneva's mom

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