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Re: [IP] pizza

> We just seem to have one main hurdle left.  PIZZA!  We have figured
> out the bolus for it pretty well, and get him readings are down 2
> even 4 hours after eating it.  But 6 to 8 hours out the carbs & fat
> really hit.  Took us most of 1 weekend to straighten him out the
> second time he tried it.  I really don't want to give huge increased
> in the middle of the night, even if this means getting up all night
> after he has had pizza, and this is definitely not going to work on
> sleep overs at his friends houses.  

After almost 6 years pumping, Lily still doesn't have pizza figured 
out (neither do I). She just increases her temp basal a little if it 
looks like she will run high -- she doesn't always, which makes it 
even harder..!! I check in the middle of the night and she boluses 
down. Get him a really LOUD alarm clock for sleep overs. That way it 
will wake all his friends if he doesn't wake up. This works!

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