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[IP] RE: Embarassing question and diabetes is a whole system problem

No one has addressed the fact about osmotic diuresis that also contributes to 
the urge to go NOW! When blood glucose levels are high and there is not 
enough insulin to drive glucose into the cell, the fluid inside the cell 
leaves it and moves to the vascular space (blood vessels), dehydrating the 
cell, and adding to the volume of fluid in the vessels. The kidneys have to 
work overtime trying to rid the body of extra glucose and the excess fluid 
goes out with it. You try to take in more fluid because you are thirsty, but 
until you replace the missing insulin, the fluids and glucose can't get to 
the cell. The cell is deprived of food and water. It is hypoglycemic and 
dehydrated. (These are all symptoms of diabetes, but you all know this.) 

Responding to a comment about diabetes affecting many parts of the body: 
blood circulates to every cell in the body. The presence of too much or too 
little glucose will affect the whole body.

I hope this doesn't sound like a lecture.  

Barbara B.
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