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[IP] pizza

My 13 year old son Tyler has now been on the minimed 508 pump since 10/99.  
It took us until the middle of January to get his rates set, was like having 
a new born again with all the testing & up all night. Every time we would 
think we were close he would gain weight & then grow again, made it 
interesting.  But all worth it.  He enjoys so much more freedom because of 
the versatility of eating when he likes and a new favorite -- sleeping in.  

We just seem to have one main hurdle left.  PIZZA!  We have figured out the 
bolus for it pretty well, and get him readings are down 2 even 4 hours after 
eating it.  But 6 to 8 hours out the carbs & fat really hit.  Took us most of 
1 weekend to straighten him out the second time he tried it.  I really don't 
want to give huge increased in the middle of the night, even if this means 
getting up all night after he has had pizza, and this is definitely not going 
to work on sleep overs at his friends houses.  

Any ideas?
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