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[IP] Weird site bruising

Now tonight was the second site in a row this has happened to me.
Yesterday I changed my site.  Old site looked fine when I took it out and
looked fine all day.  This morning, I wake up and the area is pink (not
where the cannula went in, just the general area), it is about the size of
a quarter.  Tonight, I went swimming and spent about 30 minutes in a hot
tub as well.  I get out, and I have one nasty looking bruise where my site
was.  This also happened with my last site but it took about a day longer
to bruise (which is almost gone now, I figure the hot tub just speed up the
process).  Has this happened to anyone else?  If it makes a difference,
both were in my legs (and so is my current one), and neither were bleeders.
 I've used my legs before, and none of this weird bruising ever happened

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