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Re: [IP] Ever heard of Fifth's Disease? HELP!

> Maybe somebody knows what this is??
> Just got back from the pediatrition (actually the one in training,
> regualar one playing golf) with my 9 y/o daughter who has a rash
> covering her stomach and chest for 24 hrs now.  She diagnosed it as
> Fifth's Disease.  Said it was named such because it is the 5th most
> common virus worldwide.  Funny, I've never heard of it.

Also called "slap cheek disease" by our pediatrician. Lily's little 
brother had it a few months ago. Took several weeks to go away. The 
fever, etc... only lasted a couple of days. It's very common, I think 
all of our kids have had it one time or another. Lily and I treat 
high bg's due to illness with extra insulin and sometimes elevated 
basal rates if it is more than a day or so. Check with your doc.
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