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[IP] Ever heard of Fifth's Disease? HELP!

Maybe somebody knows what this is??

Just got back from the pediatrition (actually the one in training, regualar 
one playing golf) with my 9 y/o daughter who has a rash covering her stomach 
and chest for 24 hrs now.  She diagnosed it as Fifth's Disease.  Said it was 
named such because it is the 5th most common virus worldwide.  Funny, I've 
never heard of it.

It starts with cheeks being very red, like they've been slapped hard, then 
sore throat, then the rash.  Bad part is it can take two months to get 

Now the DM question.  My face has had the red cheeks, but that's not uncommon 
for me with very fair skin.  My problem for the last 3 days has been numbers 
around 300 that don't respond to insulin.  Several I've had to bolus/inject 
for 3 and 4 times to bring down, my throat hurts a little, but no rash yet.

Anyone had any experience with this?  How long does it really affect BGs?  
Any treatments to get better faster?  I'm using zinc and vitamin C, but any 
other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much guys!
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