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[IP] Re: Update on newly pumping Gen (4 1/2 years old), and some travel advice, please!

Hi everyone,

It has been four weeks since Gen (age 4 1/2) started pumping (MM508).
Doing great so far, but 2 weeks into pumping Gen had a case of the flu
(really nasty little fever), followed by (of course) an ear infection. 
We kind-of got blown out of the water on adjusting her basals, but
wowie, was it great to have the pump for the illness/infection.  Between
being able to set temp basals for fever (sometimes triple her normal)
and not worrying about food intake!  We're over all the illness and back
to fiddling with her basals, daytime seems to be going well, we are
struggling with nighttime, but I'm sure we'll figure it out soon...
right? ;-) .
Anyway, we are very happy to be leaving New England and going on a trip
to Florida to visit Mickey and Friends in Orlando in a few weeks.  We
went several years ago, and although we enjoyed it very much, I spent
WAY too much time looking at my watch (NPH Syndrome).  Any tips anyone
can offer?  Our Endo/CDE has suggested that we set a temp basal rate at
1/2 the normal basal amount for the duration of time in the parks.
Gennie's BG drops dramatically during excitement/physical excercise. For
example, we just disconnect her during 1 hour of gymnastics, and during
mornings which she has preschool, we set a temp basal a bit lower than
usual, and give NO bolus for her snack. We know to take about double the
supplies we'll need, just in case.  Any other suggestions?  I'm a bit
worried about the pump on the "splash"-type rides, but I hesitate to put
the pump in that waterproof case that came with it... it's so big and
rigid for such a little kid!  Any help out there would be very much

Pump Mom to 
The Brave and Fearless Genevieve, age 4 1/2 (dx'd @ 13 months) pumping
just 4 weeks!
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