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[IP] Re: Reactive hyperglycemia

For those of you who are interested in understanding the "Somogyi Effect"
here is an interesting web site:


It is run by a Dr. Edwin Mitre, sorry I have not checked his credentials. He
cites research by the Joslin Diabetes Center and others that essentially say
there is no "Somogyi Effect". Anyway, look at the site to get the complete

Also, Dr. Somogyi gained recognition for his work in insulin and diabetes at
the Jewish Hospital in St. Louis in the 1920s, but did not advance is
"Effect" theory until 1959.

Mike Ratrie
Pump Decision Made! It's the D - thanks for everyone's help!
> Liz responded to Jan with:
> Hi Jan,
> What you're describing is overtreatment, not the Somogyi effect.  The
> Somogyi effect is caused by counterregulatory hormones triggered by very
> blood sugars or blood sugars that are plummeting precipitously.  It's
> after Dr. Michael Somogyi, who first wrote about it quite early on.  I
> remember it's being in 1959 but I've seen references to his work
> to the 1920s.
> Liz

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