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Re: [IP] Embarassing question

One of my first understandings of what it meant to be diabetic when I was 6 
years old was that I would need to pee more often than most people!  High bg 
has ALWAYS made me pee a lot- for multiple reasons: 1. Our bodies absorb 
less water and flush it through faster, and 2. I get sooo thirsty (I always 
drink a lot, but ESPECIALLY when I'm high!) that I drink tons and tons of 
water.  So, I end up peeing more from drinking the same amount of fluids 
(water acts more like diuretics like coffee and diet coke) when I'm high; 
and then I drink more to top it off.

***for what it's worth, advice to parents out there- When I was young, my 
mom wrote a letter to my new teachers each year informing them about my 
Diabetes, and in that letter, she was always sure to tell them that I needed 
to use the restroom more frequently as a result of my Diabetes.  This was 
helpful to me so that I could always grab the 'ol bathroom-pass without any 
trouble from teachers (except those darn substitutes!).***

age 22, D since age 6, pumping since 8/99

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