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[IP] Glad You're ok

Well Lisa, I really don't know if you're okay or not, but when 'attitude' 
returns after incarceration -er- hospitalization, it's a good sign.

Yes, fast food at a hospital is some sort of culinary oxymoron methinks.  As 
a former chef/nutrtionist I worker very hard to bring decent food quickly to 
the table.  But for the most part it was like banging my head against the 
proverbial brick wall.  HOWEVER I have been delighted to end up in those 
hospital cafeterias that serve sugar free desserts, and lo fat subs, and 
some of them just offer a variety - salad bars, etc. so at least you have a 
choice on whether or not to plug your arteries. I'm pro-choice in more ways 
than one, I guess.

Glad you're better, sounds like a scary experience.  And thanks for 
prevailing with the pump - it makes it easier for the rest of us.

I ended up in the hospital in Cookeville, Tenn. with my pump already 
disconnected (sweaty, DKA, and no adhesive!).  They didn't reconnect it for 
3 days.  They didn't know how and it took me awhile to get my pump supplies 
etc.  (I went in a nighty and nothing else- not even my wallet)  Take care.  
Talk soon.
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