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Re: [IP] Neuropathy improvement

on 2/7/00 6:34 PM, jan hughey at email @ redacted wrote:
> Gilda,
> My *new* endo put me on Dilantin after trying several other medications.
> Dilantin is a medication to allow circulation to the brain to eliminate
> seizures in epileptics. It also allowed circulation to my feet and legs. I
> took 4 pills a day, as well as a large dose of Vitamin B6 Rx'd by my
> podiatrist. A few years later I dropped one of the Dilantin capsules. A few
> years after that I dropped another. About a year ago I tried taking one
> capsule every other day and have dropped most of the B6. Sorry, your
> improvement won't happen simultaneously to beginning CIIP therapy. It
> probably took years for neuropathy to develop, allow your body time to
> adjust to new/better control. The bottom line is, it DID get better. I
> noticed relief from the pain AFTER I began the Dilantin & B6, not WHEN. It
> was gradual to the point that I didn't realize when the pain was gone.
> Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)
> p.s. I was also told by the podiatrist to be very careful of your feet when
> your BG is elevated because it's easier to get infection(s) to heal.

Thanks for the info, Jan.  I was on dilantin back in 1995 when I was having
a seizure problem (now gone away).  Dilantin made me feel worse than a
zombie!!  I have been taking Neurotin for abouİ a year now and it helps -- I
can really tell if I forgot a dose.  I also have just found out that I have
clogged arteries in my legs (will be tested Thursday to learn more) so that
is also a problem -- very weak legs.  But I am doing the exercise routine
which is supposed İo help.  I will also be seeing an endo I have been
referred to abouİ İhe pump and from what I have read from this group, I am
POSITIVE it will help with my overall health.


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