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RE: [IP] Embarassing question

I have a similar problem only when I am low.
Have had this problem since I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 4.
I will feel like I have to pee very badly and run to the bathroom.
I would physically have to go but I would also mentally focus on it.
Couldn't do anything until I went to the bathroom.  When I was young I would
crash in the bathroom and can remember many times where my mom would come
into the bathroom with a fresh pair of underwear and pants and a juice box.
:)  Mostly because I didn't quite make it there.
Surprisingly, I often test my blood sugar when I find myself having to pee
very badly, or when I go to the bathroom and don't lock the door.  For some
reason that was how my mom always knew.  If I didn't lock the door I must be
running low. :)

-- Sherry
(Who is drinking juice right now because she didn't lock the door)
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