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Re: [IP] reactive hyperglycemia

>I began pumping 8/23/83 and heard of the Symogi Effect long before CIIP
>therapy. At the time, I was told Dr. Symogi figured out when a person has
>high BGs, more insulin will be injected (by shot then) to bring it down,
>therefore causing a hypo, therefore overeating causing high BG, therefore
>more insulin, causing more hypos, therefore etc. etc.  That being the
>effect. There was no mention of a *natural* occurence.

Hi Jan,

What you're describing is overtreatment, not the Somogyi effect.  The
Somogyi effect is caused by counterregulatory hormones triggered by very low
blood sugars or blood sugars that are plummeting precipitously.  It's named
after Dr. Michael Somogyi, who first wrote about it quite early on.  I
remember it's being in 1959 but I've seen references to his work attributed
to the 1920s.

There are some doctors/scientists who don't believe the phenomenon exists;
probably the one who explained to you that the Somogyi effect was due to
overtreatment is one of them.

Most endos I've seen believe that it does, in fact, occur because it
explains much of what they see in their practices.  For example, someone who
often has high blood sugar in the morning--but who did not wake up to treat
a low.  If this person then checks her 3:00am blood sugar and finds it low
several mornings in a row she could assume the highs are due to the Somogyi
effect and lower her nighttime basal rate.  Very often this will prevent the
morning highs.


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