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[IP] Re: strange phenomenon

YES - I've heard of it!!! At last...someone else that this
happens to! I have no explanation for it but watch batteries
don't last long for me either. I have been through *many*
batteries and watches. There is just some sort of weird
interaction between them and my body that just kills them. :)
Maybe we have some sort of electro-magnetic thing going on? 
PS...mosquitoes and other biting/stinging bugs won't touch
me...wonder if it's related...

Sandi said:
I have two kids whose bodies seem to be affecting
their watch batteries.  My son's watch has the wrong
time whenever he wears it, we bought a  new one and
the same thing happened, we left it off of him for 2
days and it keeps perfect time.  My daughter's watch
battery goes dead.  We bought her a new watch and the
same thing happened.  We are waiting for our dr to
prescribe pumps for both of them (2/14) and now we are
wondering if they will affect the batteries of their
insulin pumps.  HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS?  

Take care, Kerri - mom of Shannon age 9 (dx 11/96, pumping 11/99)
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
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