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[IP] Embarassing question

Hi everyone, I'm very embarassed about having to ask this question.  But, I 
figured if anyone understood, it might be some other diabetics.  I have been 
having a problem for about a year, and I'm not sure why.  Basically, when my 
blood sugar is very high, I notice that I have about 30 seconds from the time 
I realize I have to use the bathroom to actually get to the bathroom.  In the 
middle of the night, for example, if I wake up and have to use the bathroom, 
I have mere seconds to get up from my bed, run down the hallway, and use the 
bathroom, or I'd probably wet myself.  The thing I don't understand is, if 
I'm not high, I could have a full bladder and hold it all day and not have a 
problem.  It's only when I'm high that I have the problem.  Does this make 
sense?  Does it have anything to do with the high sugars or is it 
coincidence?  My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy when I yell at him to pull over 
at a gas station or something so I can use the bathroom, he doesn't 
understand the urgency.  When I'm high, I feel like something is sitting on 
my bladder and I need to go right away or else.  I don't know if this makes a 
difference, but I've had diabetes for 17.5 yrs and this has been going on for 
the last year.  Thanks so much for your help, Kelly
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