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[IP] Strange phenomonon (I hate typing that word, & minimum)

> I have two kids whose bodies seem to be affecting
> their watch batteries.  My son's watch has the wrong
> time whenever he wears it, we bought a  new one and
> the same thing happened, we left it off of him for 2
> days and it keeps perfect time.  My daughter's watch
> battery goes dead.  We bought her a new watch and the
> same thing happened.  We are waiting for our dr to
> prescribe pumps for both of them (2/14) and now we are
> wondering if they will affect the batteries of their
> insulin pumps.  HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS?

Years ago I had a poorly-functioning watch. Took it to a jeweler and he
looked inside. He proceded to holler about how awful it was to get so
corroded, etc. inside and the mfgr. should never have been allowed to make
such a piece of junk, etc.  I knew it was a good watch. Don't recall (HS)
what exactly happened at that point, but do remember talking to someone
whose father took several medications and had troubles with his watch(es).
The chemical imbalance in his skin caused the watch to function improperly.
I then took a small piece of moleskin (Dr. Scholl's foot stuff - even corn
pads) and put on the back of the watch. Ran perfectly after that. I MAKE
SURE when I get a watch since then to be sure the back is stainless steel.
That made a difference in the corrosive efforts too.  Some of us are *Type
Weird*, others of us are weird. lol
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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