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Re: [IP] Jess the gymnast - off subject


Great job Jressica!  I don't know if I am the Nancy that you wrote to asking 
about places to put the pump or not.  Even if I'm not the right one I'm going 
to respond.  How long does her class last?  Would disconnecting from the pump 
for the class be out of the question?  If not I would suggest that.  I 
remember you saying that she is small but could she wear it on the outside of 
her leg? Either down on the calf or up on the upper part of the leg.  I used 
to always wear it on my leg (below the knee) especially to bed, because it 
was out of the way.  I bought one of those ace bandages (I think I got the 
large one for the arm and used it on the leg.  I "m talking about the dark 
navy blue ones. I cut it in half then used the extra half to sew on a sort of 
pocket that the pump could go down in side of, on the outside.  It was tight 
enough that the pump never came out of it. Not sure if her activity would 
possibly bump the pump by accident or what the possibilities would be there.  
Let me know if I can help anymore.

Nancy,  d-35years pumping 12 years
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