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[IP] Re: Ed Etkind, Yale Medical Center In New Haven, CT

Hi Ruth,

I have been a subscriber to IP for several months now.  My boyfriend, Mark,
is  Type 1 and is hoping to get on the pump shortly.   He is in the process
of finding an endocrinologist and your message excited me sooo much!!  Mark
lives minutes from Yale New Haven, and I would LOVE to get a referral for
him to see Dr. Etkind.  My issue is this:  When I called COnnecticare
(Mark's insurance company), they said that Dr. Etkind was not an
"authorized"/approved  physician with Connecticare, but that there were
about 15 endocrinologists associated with Yale New Haven who were approved
to do business with them.   I have asked them to send me that list, but, in
the interim, do you know the names of any of Dr. Etkind's associates?  My
hopes would be to match any names you could provide with one of the 15 that
Connecticare sends me.

Thanks so much!

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 19:06:35 -0800
From: "Ruth Schneider" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Ed Etkind and New Haven pizza

>Ed Etkind who wrote that great letter is my regular
 > endo, and I've had the greatest training and support from his office.
> premiere pump doctor in CT and maybe even farther.
 > New Haven, Ct

he works out of Yale Med. Center in New Haven.


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